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Мотивация участия и функции блогов
Следует учитывать, что чтение блогов и авторство — два разных по содержанию процесса. Люди, пользующиеся коммуникативными возможностями блогов вне контекста ведения собственного блога, отмечают возможности общения с людьми, с которыми они не имеют возможности общаться непосредственно, например, с друзьями, живущими в других городах. Альтернативная экономика сообщений[2], действующая в блогах, делает такую форму общения наиболее удобной, так как она не предполагает обязательной взаимности и других ограничений общения «один на один». Евгений Горный в своей статье[3] выделяет, помимо поддержания контакта с близкими, следующие цели, которые может преследовать читатель блогов: * получение информации; * чтение-развлечение; * отслеживание реакции публики на те или иные действия (в самом деле, блоги представляют собой готовую огромную фокус-группу); * чтение ради социализации, ощущения себя причастным к жизни известных людей. В ходе опроса блогеров Живого журнала, проведённого в 2005 году[4], были выделены следующие функции блогов.
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Computer hardware, computer accessories Hello, welcome to the new user login Register free eggs shopping cart 0 goods Favorites My Order integral Popular Searches:! Anniversary topic | ThinkPad sales model <br />http://www.vidzeme.com/listinfo.php?pid=3433 - Tiffany And Co Silver Replica will also affect another 50 points diamond prices. The traditional sales model from Diamond Wholesale - jewelry inlaid - jewelry wholesale - vendors - stores, shopping malls, each middleman will have some profits, stores the joining fee, to commission the mall is a big expenditure. Diamond Baby Direct mode uses first-hand sources, the products directly to the customer from the hands of workers, eliminating the traditional sales model of middlemen interest costs. Auction link is still in full swing, Lu Mu sank right away song whispers, I go to the bathroom, <br />http://www.vidzeme.com/listinfo.php?pid=3435 - Tiffany Und Co Replica <br />http://www.vidzeme.com/listinfo.php?pid=3434 - Tiffany Co Replica Uk then stood up and ready to leave. Before leave, between her glance, just find the song gazing far Gu Mu Man diamond wrist watch, she thought, perhaps far Mu song not want to see a piece of the table, and Gu Man, or by the piece table, he saw two people six years ago feelings. She is just a harmless person, she only looked far away song Mu Wife does not cherish the memory of former life, but can not do anything. If happiness is a cloud, if the pain like stars, Nazan people's life is really cloudless sky the stars when you're lucky to live in this great wealth of the material world, but unfortunately, looked at his extremely rich wage cards, face since that extreme 'rational' desire that? one hundred claws scratching heart, the greatest pain in life than this, unbearable without forbear, so we gradually to shopping for the vent channel, with shopping blind to fill his heart lost, unable to extricate themselves.


When we point to open various online mall, 'Tanabata gift' has risen to the position of First recommendation <br />http://www.vidzeme.com/listinfo.php?pid=2037 - Tiffany And Co Bracelet Tarnish this week, many of the goods sold in million or more. In addition to traditional flowers, jewelry, cosmetics, some creativity and novelty merchandise has also been favorable for consumers. My men had a fashion editor, <br />http://www.vidzeme.com/listinfo.php?pid=2036 - Tiffany Sterling Silver Wire Bracelet but especially young love to show off their superior family, said her boyfriend is English aristocracy, kept two horses in Shanghai, as well as an entire old villa. She also with my colleagues to see that house, to the door saying forgot keys. Heat constitute probation in two ways. First, heat the local range increase muscle relaxation, and stimulate blood activity, increased blood activity to help your body better COMING blood from the sufferings of probation sad generated. If there are really meritorious conduct, may be exempt from your crimes, re lighter penalty. Listening to female judges anger and prestige of inquiries, I seem to catch a life-saving straw. When selecting such a diamond shape, color is the most important consideration, no relationship is selected clarity somewhat less points. This olive diamond ring can be made to make themselves look more slender fingers, hands stretched to the limit can type vision. A few years later looking back, as the cloud Jing had said in the past suffering, really became later wealth. Brigitte is deeply felt. Wedding venue decor choice determines the color theme of the wedding, but the couple can use the right colors in the appropriate wedding season to use their favorite color as a wedding theme color, regardless of the arrangement of bold color or novelty seeking hit different gradient colors, grasp and understand some <br />http://www.vidzeme.com/listinfo.php?pid=2035 - Tiffany'S Sterling Silver Bracelet Heart of the basics of color is to choose the color of the foundation and prerequisite for the wedding arrangement. Not the same be considered creative, not general considered a classic.

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